Hiring a wardrobe stylist professional essentially saves money. It’s not about being indulgent; it’s about having a smart, streamlined wardrobe. Most of my clients would rather focus on their businesses and families instead of running around on the weekends putting looks together.

My style confidence process is made of a combination of sessions, both in the wardrobe and shopping for new items, and all packages include a preparation assignment as well as bespoke session planning, pre-shopping research, and follow up advice and links. The time required for each step of the process will depend on existing wardrobe, and their goals.

Many companies invest huge sums of money on their own branding and company image; their mission statement, values, logo, website, even down to the font used in all written communication. But the majority of companies fail to consider the professional presence of their employees and the effect this has on their overall corporate brand message.

This is a huge oversight. Employees are so often the first ‘real’ impression of your company. They are the ones out meeting, selling, pitching and interacting with potential clients and creating the lasting impression of your brand. Don’t you want to make sure they are sending the right message?

One to one sessions

I offer busy senior executives and employees an assessment of their current style, image and executive presence. I give practical information and solutions to enable them to optimize their professional appearance through image assessments, wardrobe and personal shopping sessions.

-Perhaps you are becoming more visible; dating, attending conferences, networking, or pitching for investment and need to work on your personal brand, your overall image and that important first impression.

-You want an authentic wardrobe of clothes that you look forward to choosing from each morning, and want to look ‘put together’ in outfits you feel good in and that show people who you are. You also want to do it quickly and with very little thought.

-You don’t have the time, know-how, or desire to figure out what you like and what you need on your own.

-You know it’s time to hire a professional and gain confidence in your style.