For Women:

(L-R): ATM V neck Tee ($80), Rag & Bone Base Tee ($85),  Everlane Cotton V ($15), James Perce Relaxed Linen Cotton Tee  ($115)


Rag & Bone Base Tee:

“[It] has a little sheer look — not solid white — so it makes it a bit dressier and more feminine.” —Lindsey Boyd, co-owner of the Laundress*

Everlane Cotton V:

“I like this specific shirt because I wear a lot of necklaces, so the depth of this V shows them.” —Elizabeth Rose, server at Café Gitane*

 James Perce Relaxed Linen Cotton Tee:

“I love my slub-linen-and-cotton tee from James Perse. It’s pretty much an essential white T-shirt and slots seamlessly with most outfits.” —Maya Jankelowitz, owner of Jack’s Wife Freda*


For Men:


(L-R) ATM Crewneck ($80), Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crew Neck  ($25 for 3-pack), Topman Short Sleeve Scoop Neck($20), Vince Crewneck Tee ($55)


Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crew Neck:

“I love that it hugs my chest a little to make it look bigger, and it’s a little tight in the sleeves too and short enough to make me look tall.” – Joey Kuhn, film director, Those People*


Topman Short Sleeve Scoop Neck:

“I love this tee because it’s got a wider neckline, so you get some collarbone action for when I’m feeling a little sexy.” – William Scott, Makeup Artist*



*via NY Mag