My husband hired Shea in March 2014 as a birthday gift to me, to help choose some clothing for an upcoming trip. I also needed to add some new items to my closet for everyday wear. My communication with Shea prior to our styling appointment was prompt and professional. She provided me with websites to look at to help get a feel for my style. Through that, as well as emails and a phone call, she was able to pull lots of clothing items for me to try on at our appointment. I ended up with more new clothing than expected due to the fact that she did such an outstanding job selecting items that suited me and my needs. She chose many pieces such as shoes and accessories that I wouldn’t typically gravitate towards, but once I tried them on I was surprised at how much I loved them. It was nice to change things up a bit and add new looks to my wardrobe!
Most recently, I hired Shea again in May to style my four children for a family photo shoot. She chose all their looks and emailed me the wardrobe from head to toe! I loved it all, and she made the whole process so easy! My kids looked fantastic in their photos and were coordinated with a unique look for each. I even receive emails from Shea if she has something she thinks I might be interested in. It’s so nice to have someone to work with who has a great eye for fashion and is flexible for any budget and a variety of needs. I would recommend her without hesitation!


Stay at Home Mom

“I first worked with Shea in 2010 after moving to San Francisco. I wanted a wardrobe consultation, help gaining insight into the style in San Francisco and assistance on how to effectively organize my clothes for the seasons (or should I say lack of seasons). She was incredibly personable and able to tackle the challenge quickly. Shea has a way to make a person feel comfortable while going through piece after piece in your closet. She is knowledgeable about the trends of the season and incredibly creative in helping you pair existing pieces with new trends. She takes pictures of outfit ideas and sends you inspiration all while keeping your budget and objectives in mind!

Shea also helped out my husband with his wardrobe. Men can sometimes be tricky to work with, but she had a special way and he actually had fun with the process.

I recently became a new mom and knew it was time to call Shea back to help reorganize my closet and update my style to reflect my new body shape and stage in life. I can’t tell you how good it felt to part with some pieces that had been hanging out too long and gain the confidence needed to pull together my new look. I highly recommend Shea’s services and will be calling her again in the future.”



I must say, you know your stuff: I got a few looks (like you said I would), a teacher and mom at school said something about my outfit (like you said they would) and my daughter said something too (like you said she would)!

Yes, I am loving the looks we put together! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you are inspiring!


Stay at home Mom/ Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for a stylist, either professionally or personally, Shea is your person.

I first hired Shea while I was the Director of Public Relations and Entertainment Marketing at Levi’s. She worked for us during San Francisco Fashion Week to help some of our younger designers pull their looks together adding the necessary runway polish. Given her great eye and professionalism, I then hired her personally for my husband! It was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. She took his already professional appearance to the next level — a terrific a career booster. Her sense of style reaches across all personal styles. To this day, Shea is on my personal and professional “go to” lists.

Amy (Gemellaro) Jasmer

Board Member at Parca Auxiliary

As a woman with 2 jobs, one of which a fashion designer, Shea was fun to work with, enlightening in terms of mixing colors/ patterns/ cuts, and she has been able to elevate my style and confidence to the next level. From halfway around the world, thank you Shea English!!

Aiisha Ramadan

Couture Designer, Dubai, India

Shea has tons of energy, a keen eye for style, and her professionalism and personal care make sure you not only feel comfortable, but that you look and feel amazing! She will educate you on fit, mixing colors, patterns and silhouettes, while listening to you and understanding your needs. Shea’s work is truly transformational!

Stacy London

Founder, Style for Hire, original co-host of TLC’s, What Not to Wear TV Series

I consulted Shea for help with my business wardrobe… she did a phenomenal job connecting me to the right stores, right brands for my body type and personal goals, and making efficient use of the time we had together. Shea is a true pro, and I’m very happy with the results.

Matthew Monahan


What can I say about Shea except that she is awesome!!!! My husband surprised me in October by giving me a makeover gift. We had a big event in October that I needed to dress up for but had no time to do any shopping …. I was kind of nervous because I am not a pencil thin girl. I am a very curvy full figure, petite, mother of two that is always on the run. So my first thought was, how is she going to style me if she is not a full figured woman. Does she know what HELL I have gone through looking for age appropriate clothes for me? Does she actually know labels that fit me with clothes that work for full figured women and aren’t clothes that are just an after thought for the designer?

We set up a date to meet. Keep in mind that she was under a tight deadline, 1 week to be precise. To my great surprise she picked out the most awesome clothes! The dresses were fabulous, hip, and trendy. They were clothes that were what I had always envisioned I could wear if they just made it in my size…. MY SIZE!!!! I was no longer settling on what I would wear. I had options!!!! And not just 1 or 2 options, I really had a lot of options. Something that I’ve never encountered before. I looked like I felt! I wasn’t feeling frumpy! I was feeling beautiful! … From jewelry to make up to undergarments and shoes. It was a whirlwind of 4 hours that at the end made me cry because I have always dreamed of finding cool clothes that would fit … Needless to say, the outfit I got with Shea was a big hit, especially with my husband and I felt beautiful next to my husband that was wearing a tuxedo.



Fashion is not my forte, nor something I ever really took seriously. I like to look good, we all do, but I never had the eye or interest in taking it seriously. A month or so ago I really needed some new clothes for work so I spent a few hours getting some things, actually I spent a few hours aimlessly walking around hoping to find something that worked for me, wasted my time, and got some lame shirt. The result, I decided to hire a professional, and I hit gold hiring Shea. She helped me clean out my closet, which was so helpful, but actually getting clothes was a whole new experience. Perhaps the first time I’ve enjoyed it, and the clothes she picked for me are amazing.



Shea does great work for guys. Before I met Shea I hated my clothes and felt like there were only 1 or 2 things in my closet that I felt cool and comfortable in. After meeting Shea, I get compliments almost every day on my style and have a newfound eye for fashion. Simply put, Shea unlocked my potential to have great style!

My favorite thing about Shea is she is just a good person and fun to be around. She has tons of energy and it is obvious she loves this work. And for that reason above all, I recommend her to help all the dudes out there struggling with their wardrobe.



Me but better. Much, much better.

As someone who’s very difficult to fit, I’ve always found shopping very stressful. Add in a playful streak with a dislike of looking cookie-cutter put-together and I’m quite the challenge.

Shea exceeded all expectations. She zeroed in on my style, advised me on what colors I look best in, explained to me where I was getting into a rut, gave me a list to pull my wardrobe together – and then there was the actual shopping. I have NEVER had so much fun shopping as I did with Shea. She made the experience a blast and we found tons of options that fit me and my style. I get compliments from strangers every time I wear the things we picked out. No lie. A fashion miracle occurred that day.


Life Coach