In today’s competitive job market and with the popularity of social/professional websites like Linkedin, it’s smart to present yourself with a professionally styled headshot. Headshots are usually the first things people notice on a resume or Linkedin-type site, so it’s important that this first impression show exactly how you want potential employers to see you. For instance, the headshot of a person looking for a law, accounting or upper level business management position should look different from those of a person seeking a job in the creative industries or a more laid-back tech position.



Oddly enough in this visual digital age, the headshot is often the last thing potential employees think of when applying for a job.  Most headshots are either selfies that look unprofessional and too casual, cropped pictures from old photos, or shots taken in front of a blank wall, like a passport or drivers photo.  Having a stylist assist you with your headshot will not only help you craft your “look” for the position, but will boost confidence you need in pursuing employment and give you a leg up on the competition.


Lifestyle shots as well as headshots can add another dimension to your resume by showing who you are as a person. Basically, by giving others a glimpse into your everyday life, you are marketing yourself and expressing who you are visually.   It’s said that pictures are worth a thousand words, so depending on how they are styled and photographed, lifestyle shots can say more about you than any well-written sentence or paragraph.